Tamás Beischer-Matyó

He was born in Siklós 1972. He began composing music when he was 9 years old. From 1987 to 1991 he went to the Specialized Section School of Arts in Pécs. There he was learning composing music from István Győrffy. He was enrolled to Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in 1991, first for the fields of secondary school music teacher and choir leader, then in 1992 he gained admission to the department of music composer, too. Their masters were György Orbán and József Soproni. He graduated from both departments in 1997 at the same time. In 2010 he earned his doctorate degree, in composition.From 1997 till 2010 he taught music theory at Bartók Béla Specialized Section School of Arts in Budapest. From 1998 he got opportunity to teach transponing and score-reading at Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, and from 2002 music theory. In 2000-2001 he got a scholarship at Internationales Künstlerhaus at Bamberg.important works:operasBösendorfer (in English too, titled ‘Steinway Grand’, after Ferenc Karinthy, 1988/2012), Hungarian Electra, in two acts (after Péter Bornemisza, 1998/2012)oratoriesSolomon's Song of Songs (1994/2006), Via Crucis (1993)cantatasEsztergom Te Deum (1995), The Bird and the Girl (1996), From the Stormy Centuries of the Hungarians (1999), The Songs of Christmas (2000), Love and Wine (2002), After Spring and Summer (2003), Cantata on poems Bálint Balassi (2004), Two Songs by Emily (2009)concertosfor violin: Violin Concerto (1997-98), for viola: Rapsodia antica (1999/2010), Time’s All-Severing Wave (2010-11), for cello: Suite concertante (2008), for piano: Concerto stilizzato (1996), Concerto - for two pianos and orchestra (2000/2011), for flute: Concerto da ponte (1998/2001), Breathing Through the Grass (2011)concert bandPécs Pictures (2010)ca. 65 songs in different languages (Hungarian, English, German, Latin) and various voiceschamber & solo works: 1990- works for piano, for organ, sonatas, string quartet, wind quintetelectroacoustic musicI Sing the Body Electric (1998-2001), enwogulld (Bamberg, 2000)choral worksGirl danced into Death (1996), 2005- LIBER PSALMORUM, St John Passion (2008), Farewell to the Little Good (2011), Madrigals of Passion and Wisdom (2011)pedagogical worksfrom solo till orchestra, every generation, Classical Music Theory (with István Győrffy and Nóra Keresztes, 2009)various orchestrations and arrangementsall works: http://bmt.hu/works/index_en.html