Ferenc Kovács Szilárd: Libellus Organi Pannoniae – Hungarian Organ Book

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The Orgelbüchlein cycle by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750) proved a defining factor at each level of my musical studies. Even at the very beginning I felt I had received indispensable musical nourishment every day as an organist and a church musician. I have not changed my opinion. As a teacher I have tried to engage my students in this chorale-cycle. It is an organ tutor as it offers, after establishing the proper didactic order, substantial material for achieving proper pedal-playing. At the same time, it is also a coursebook in composition in which Bach presents the various ways of adding counterparts i.e. how to develop a chorale melody.
It is at this point that my collection is connected to the Orgelbüchlein. With the choice of the title, Little Hungarian Organ Book, I refer to the direct inspiration I received from Bach’s miniature organ chorales.  With my pieces I have attempted to transfer the Bachian examples into Catholic church music practice. For this purpose I have created twin-chorales to each Orgelbüchlein-arrangement. Twin-chorale is a coinage of my own, meaning that the Bach-model and the “sibling” are musically connected as closely as possible. I am aiming at supplying church music practice with fresh music, different from the conventional, to play. These miniature organ-arrangements bring a new colour into the repertoire of Hungarian liturgical organ music connected to folk hymns.
I wholeheartedly recommend the Little Hungarian Organ Book to every organist, cantor, church musician and non-professional interested in church music.

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